Hi, we're group hugs

We're a community activation agency 

that makes it easy for brands to create, collect, grow, and activate superfans around their movement.


What we do

We build engaged power groups made of your top fans to be your bottoms-up, grassroots powerhouse supporters to amplify your digital marketing efforts. 

Here's why 

Breakout brands must have a movement, and all movements need a digital HQ.

Capture more attention, money, and brand loyalty through genuine group engagement.

Legacies are built in the now and off more than ads, emails, and Instagram posts.

Increase organic growth and lower acquisition costs with powerful bottoms-up grassroots marketing.

Own your market and niche with loyalty and brand connection - competitors can't take what can't be taken.

Capture and lead conversations around your brand and movement - or someone else will.

Sami Diament, aka LSDREAM

"Sold out shows, a thriving merchandise business, super high engagement on social media[...] Under the leadership of Carrie and Lank, I have personally witnessed the growth and value within the LSDREAMers group. Carrie and Lank are great communicators, they are dedicated, professional, passionate, and I’m forever grateful for our partnership. Together, we have created a home for my fans which just emanates outward onto all other platforms. I don’t have enough good words to honestly say about my experience working with them..."


Clients & case studies



What do you do when you abandon your successfull project and start over in a new genre of music? If you're Sami (aka LSDREAM), you invest in a movement to connect with fans in the DIGITAL UNIVERSE around art, positivity, and genuine self-expression -- and a whole lotta bass music. 

  • LSDREAMers Facebook Group grew from 0 to 10,000 members in one year while maintaining 90%+ monthly engagement.

  • Booked choice domestic and international festivals, sold out of headlining tour dates, and repeatedly sold out of merch instantly.



CyberFortress is an insuretech company building a new kind of online revenue interruption policy for e-commerce companies. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, CyberFortress recently raised $3mm to take their product to market. They're investing in DIGITAL UNIVERSE organic growth and GROUP CONTENT to increase brand awareness, build trust, and win new customers.





TUSHY is a direct-to-consumer sustainable bathroom brand headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. They are bringing their top and potential customers together in their DIGITAL UNIVERSE to grow without spending ads, to create more repeat buyers, and to create stronger brand connection and loyalty.  We also create GROUP CONTENT for TUSHY on YouTube with content strategy and weekly videos.

  • Create movement, build, and lead Facebook Group

  • Write, produce, shoot, and edit weekly YouTube videos around products and their sustainability movement totaling over 105k views and counting.






GRiZ, aka Grant Kwiecinski, is an electronic jazz artist transcending his genre with his message of "Show Love, Spread Love." GRiZ and his team at Red Light Management hired us through a referral from LSDREAM to revitalize his PHYSICAL UNIVERSE volunteer service group, The Liberators.

  • Raised over $13,000 for charity, doubled service projects in 6 months, and revamped organizational structure.

  • Work directly with GRiZ's team at Red Light Management team further GRiZ's brand and movement.






We build and lead an engaged power group of your top fans to amplify organic growth, win more attention, and support all your digital marketing. Your custom strategy includes weekly leadership, power engagement, strategic posts, and leadership mentorship. We’ll revisit the strategy every three months.


Video, graphics, photos, user-generated content -- you name it! We can run group-based Instagram accounts and offer custom content packages, including graphics, photos, and videos for your group or other platforms (YouTube). We’re super flexible here, so just tell us what you need. 


Authentic brand engagement around a strong movement creates loyal customers = more super fans. We guide you through discovering your movement and defining your voice and provide monthly recommended engagement posts, topics, and themes to better connect with your fans.


What is it time for NOW in your organization? We explore and learn what that is to guide structure and decisions. We’ll lead with our customized recruitment, communication, and event planning and execution strategy to rally your members to attend your events in the physical world. We’ll revisit the strategy every three months.


You have this fantastic group of fans, now how can you use them to boost your brand? We strategize and execute on short-term projects to use your group to accomplish your big goals. Ex: ticket and referral contests, fundraisers, group merchandise, experiential marketing activations, UGC, and feedback collection!


Ask us anything! We’re your group and community consultants, and we’d love to chat about anything on your mind and help you find creative and high-impact ways to reach your goals. Purchase one session at a time or book weekly/monthly sessions with us. Whatever works best for you! 


Hey, great! Just share 20 minutes of your time with us and learn exactly how a power group can change your business. 

...or, keep learning more about us here.

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