Happy Clients


  • HQ'd in Brooklyn, New York. Founded by Miki Agrawal (THINX, Disrupt-Her).

  • TUSHY is a startup lifestyle brand that's modernizing and improving the bathroom with the #1 bidet attachment in the USA and their suite of sustainable bathroom products.

  • TUSHY's community on Facebook Groups grew from 0-2,000+ members in 3 months with 90%+ monthly engagement. After months of consistent growth on YouTube, TUSHY's videos now rank #1 on Google and YouTube for top-related terms.


  • HQ'd in San Antonio, Texas. Founded by Huw Edwards (HBS, Bridgewater, Jungle Disk).

  • CyberFortress is an insuretech startup offering a one-of-a-kind online revenue interruption policy for e-commerce companies.

  • At the core of their go-to-market strategy, CyberFortress is using their Facebook Group community and branded YouTube channel to win their first customers.



  • HQ'd in Denver, Colorado. Founded by Rick Hunter. 

  • Pivot Energy develops, finances, builds, and manages commercial and community solar projects around the nation. As a leader of the renewable energy revolution, they're the #1 community solar developer in Colorado and a top-100 solar developer in the USA.

  • Pivot Energy is launching their branded YouTube channel with a focus on awareness and education to convert more businesses and homes to renewable solar energy.

  • 2 teams in Los Angeles, California. Founded by Coran Capshaw. 

  • Red Light Management is the largest independent music management company in the world. They have a reputation for taking an entrepreneurial approach to grow their diverse roster of artists.

  • LSDREAM's fan community grew from 0-10,000+ in 12 months with consistent 90%+ monthly engagement. GRiZ's volunteer action community, The Liberators, raised over $13,000 and held dozens of in-person and digital community events to further the brand.

Sami Diament, aka LSDREAM

"Sold out shows, a thriving merchandise business, super high engagement on social media[...] Under the leadership of Carrie and Lank, I have personally witnessed the growth and value within the LSDREAMers group. Carrie and Lank are great communicators, they are dedicated, professional, passionate, and I’m forever grateful for our partnership. Together, we have created a home for my fans which just emanates outward onto all other platforms. I don’t have enough good words to honestly say about my experience working with them..."