Hi, we're group hugs. 

We're a community activation agency

that makes it easy for brands to create, collect, grow,

and activate their superfans around their movement.

We build engaged power groups made

of your top fans to be your bottoms-up,

grassroots powerhouse supporters to amplify your digital marketing efforts. 


Here's why 


Clients & case studies


What do you do when you abandon your former alias and start over in a new genre of music? If you're LSDREAM, you create a movement in the DIGITAL UNIVERSE of love, positivity, and personal growth around orignal and emotional music. 

  • 0 - 10,000 members in one year while maintaining 90%+ monthly engagement.

  • Booked international festivals, repeatly sold out of merch instantly, and sold out of headlining tour dates.



GRiZ is an electronic artists transcending his genra with his message of "Show Love, Spread Love." We were hired to reoganize his PHYSICAL UNIVERSE volunteer service group, The LIberators.

  • Raised over $13,000 for charity, doubled service projects in 6 months, and reworked organizational structure.

  • Red light bullet


TUSHY is a direct-to-consumer sustainable bathroom products startup. We were hired to create Community Content and relaunch their Youtube Channel with a content strategy and weekly videos.

  • Write, produce, shoot, and edit weekly videos around products and their sustainability movement.

  • 10% monthly subscriber growth




We build and lead an engaged power group of your top fans to amplify organic growth, gain more of your customers’ attention, and support your overall digital marketing. Your custom strategy includes weekly leadership, power engagement, strategic posts, and internal leader development. We’ll revisit the strategy every 3 months.


We delve into the current state of your organization to guide our leadership and structural changes for your group. We’ll lead with our customized recruitment, communication, and event planning and execution strategy to rally your members to attend your events in the physical world. We’ll revisit the strategy every 3-6 months with our learnings.


Authentic brand engagement around a strong movement creates loyal customers = more super fans.  We guide you through discovering your movement and defining your voice and provide monthly recommended engagement post, topics and themes to better connect with your fans.



Video, graphics, photos, user-generated content, and more! We can run group-based Instagram accounts and offer custom content packages including graphics, photos, and videos for your group or other platforms (Youtube). We’re super flexible here, so just let us know what you need. 


You have this amazing group of fans, now how can you use them to boost your brand? We strategize and execute on short-term projects to use your group to accomplish your big goals. Ex: ticket and referral contests, fundraisers, group merchandise, experiential marketing activations, UGC, and feedback collection!


Ask us anything! We’re your group and community consultants, and we’d love to chat about anything on your mind and help you find creative and high-impact ways to reach your goals.  Purchase one session at a time or book weekly/monthly sessions with us. Whatever works best for you! 


Hey, great! Just share with us 20 minutes of your time to know how a power group can change your business. 

...or, keep learning more about us here.



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